The Path: Evolution

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The Path: Evolution is the third film of The Path Series trilogy and explores the theory that human beings are living in a virtual reality system similar to the rules of an assimilated video game. The filmmakers follow former NASA nuclear physicist, Thomas Campbell, as he shares his knowledge and the results of his research of consciousness, physics, metaphysics and morality to explain mind and matter, normal and paranormal, life, death, and purpose, with all of this logically flowing from the concept of reality as information. The Path: Evolution will undoubtedly challenge the viewer’s current belief systems and leave a lasting impression on human beings to re-evaluate how they are behaving, treating others, and existing in the world.


Cast: F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater, William Buhlman, Tom Campbell, Brenda Jenks, Nancy McMoneagle, Paul Rademacher, Carol von Kaenel,
Director: Michael Habernig
Producer: April Hannah

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Dimensions 190 x 135 x 14 mm